Opening of Kjarrá Iceland

Salmon Fishing Kjarrá Iceland

Me and Steingrímur Einarsson went to the opening of river Kjarrá Iceland on the 15 of June.
On the opening day we landed 82 and 84 cm fish, after the this great start we kept on hooking and landing multi sea winter fish for the next 3 days.
The conditions where like in the beginning of July perfect water height and warm weather.
Most of the fish we caught on very small flies and small hitch tubes. The season here in Iceland is looking very good to say the least.
There is a lot of fish in most rivers days and even weeks before they open,
now all we need is a little bit of rain every now and then, and then I’m sure we will have the best season in Iceland in years.

Tight lines

Oskar Pall Sveinsson

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Salmon Fishing Rynda

Salmon Fishing in Rynda, Russia

I’m back in Iceland after a week on the Rynda.
It was a tough week, cold weather and cold water seemed to slow down the early run. Me and Hilmar Hansson landed 12 fish though, one of them the biggest of the week a 28 pound sea liced hen.
Hilmar caught this beauty on Tuesday morning in the Sea pool on Snælda tube fly. After the fight Hilmar told me that his Einarsson reel is definitely the best reel he has ever owned ( and he has tried them all… )
My biggest fish of the week was a 17 pound hen from per’s place, it took a Snælda copper red tube fly.
Towards the end of the week it got warmer and we started to see more and more fresh fish coming in, I think we both could have stayed another week there ( at least )
Rynda is part of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve run by Peter Power, it has to be said that it is admirable how well he and his people look after the river, the fish and the nature around.
I think many people could learn from this operation at the ASR, it was for example sad to see the few big fish caught in Sweden when I was there all killed.

Tight lines. Oskar Pall Sveinsson

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Scandinavian Salmon

I’m sitting here at Arlanda airport in Stockholm waiting for a flight to river Rynda in Russia.

For the last ten days I’ve been travelling in Scandinavia doing a bit of fishing and filming.

I started the trip in Sweden where we had a look at Örekil and Mörrum.

Both these rivers are beautiful and produce some seriously big Salmon on a regular basis.

As a result of a extremely cold spring the Salmon is arriving late so fishermen are having a tough time.

In Mörrum 100 rods where catching 2-3 fish a day so the chances where small.

Even though we did not land any, we connected with a few big ones and that will keep you going for a long time.

From Sweden I went to Norway for the midnight opening of Orkla on the first of June.

That is a truly magical event, there are big bonfires everywhere and the farmers came down to the river just before midnight to celebrate with us.

During the first 24 hours between 30-40 fish where caught, the biggest was around 15 kilos.

The beat that we where fishing is called Hillstad/Ree and is located in Meldal, this one of the most beautiful places I have been to,

it’s basically nature on steroids. Our first fish was landed, and of course released at midnight on the second day,

It was my fishing partner Paul Becher who landed this good looking springer.

Our host Anthony Luke made sure that everyone had a brilliant time and lots of good food.

Even though I was there this morning I already miss that place, Orkla is truly magical.

Like the great Arnie said… I’LL BE BACK : )

Tight lines, Oskar Pall Sveinsson

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Tarpon fishing in Cuba April 2010

Tarpon fishing in Cuba April 2010

Last April I had the privilege to go Tarpon fishing with Fly fisher travel to Santa Maria in Cuba.

This is an island off the north coast with only four boats operating in huge area.

On the first day we started on the channels where we saw a few schools of big tarpon rolling but no bites. In the afternoon my excellent guide Samuel took me to his little secret spot in a channel between two mangrove islands, as soon as we stopped the boat we saw a big Tarpon rolling and we started casting, after a few casts I had my first bite and oh my god! what a pull, I did not manage to set the hook properly and Tarpon threw it in the first jump.

Still shaking I made another cast and he took again, this time I was prepared and set the hook as hard as I could.

The next 45 minutes where unforgettable and my first Tarpon of 60 pounds was landed.

The rest of the week I had around 10 hook ups and landed five.

When I was suppose to go home to Iceland, Eyjafjalljökull started erupting so now I was stuck in Cuba.

The fishermen that should take over from me couldn’t make it to Cuba either so the only option was to fish for another week.

The second week was perfect, the weather was much calmer and the fishing most days was out of this world.

One day I had seven hook ups and landed five Tarpon between 70-100 pounds. On the last hour of the last day I hooked this beautiful fish you can see on the video in the video section.

Go and have look, it was madness 🙂

Thank god for the Einarsson Reel ( it’s all you need )

Oskar Pall Sveinsson.

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Fly Fishing in Argentina

In March a group of Icelandic Anglers set out to experience the the great sea trout of Argentina.

The trip was unbelivable and filled with great action, great fish and great company of fly fishermen.

We posted a few pictures in our photo section at so be sure to check it out.

Tight Lines,
Oskar Pall

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Spring fishing in Iceland

Early spring fishing in Iceland can be tough, frost and ice are normal but every now and the you have a nice day, even in march.

here is a Arctic Char from one of those beautiful early spring days, caught on a small pink rubber legged streamer.

Tight Lines,

Oskar Pall

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